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they.me.uk is a basic site that debunks myths surrounding use of the gender-neutral singular ‘they’ pronoun – a pronoun used by certain subgroups within the transgender community.

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The Misgendered Project   

The Misgendered Project gives trans people an easy way to address the discrimination, harassment and disrespect we face on a day-to-day basis. It allows you to send actual paper letters to organisations who have caused you trouble.

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Queer Apps is based around the idea of making apps and services that aim to be useful to the queer, trans and nonbinary community. Most of these apps are free or are funded on a donation basis - some of the larger ones we'll try to crowdfund so that we can afford to put them together in the first place.

Queer Apps is run by Kat, an activist looking at feminism, gender, trans and nonbinary issues, queer issues, intersex issues, mental health and immigration.

Kat is an IT freelancer, with a BEng degree in Computer Engineering, who often also does IT work in the public sector. They're an intersex nonbinary person, and they have a blog where they frequently write about the issues they fight for and which affect them. More of their development work can be found on GitHub.
If you'd like to contact the Queer Apps project, you can send us an email. Our email address is listed below. We will get back to you!

You can also find us both on GitHub and Twitter if you'd like to get in touch with one of us specifically:
All of these projects are run for free. We maintain them on our own time, and all hosting and maintenance costs are covered out of our pocket. Occasionally, we'll use crowdfunding to fund the time to develop a new project prior to it's launch, but once the project is launched, it will be made available for free.

Unfortunately, all the time and hosting costs can add up. With both of us doing freelance work, time management is very important, and trying to balance the projects we want to release here with the projects we undertake as professional ventures to make money means we can't commit as much time as we'd prefer to maintaining these apps and developing new ones.

If you'd like to help us maintain this balance by contributing to our time and hosting costs involved in keeping them running, we'd be very grateful. You can send us a contribution using either PayPal or Bitcoins.

We also take Bitcoin donations to the following Bitcoin address: 1P1Nfrssafg7wdiTHN9XX99rmudpJJTPLS
In addition to the projects on this site, Kat is a freelance IT geek, specialising in PHP web development, DevOps and VoIP services. If any of this sounds useful to you, check out their freelancing company, and get in touch with them through that site. Kat also offers special rates for doing work for LGBT non-profits.